The Nav Path of Life

Greetings my gentle readers to this weeks “Be Yourself, Often” blog. Ahhh that time that we can wonder where our path is and look at the often small changes and deviations from the week before. To sit back in a degree of quiet contemplation and see where out flight is taking us. Has it been a week of balance, smooth sailing and learnings, or one of crisis, psychotic pilots and emergencies?

We learned and discussed last week, which was captured in Tuesdays radio show “Prescribing Spiritual HOPE” from the 27th of March that even before the flight and path evolves, that it is a good thing to address the instruments that we will use when flying. To look at the Pilot Operating Handbook and also to write out systems checklists and contingency plans in advance of the flight. I dont know about any of you, but my ability to do clear and rational thought processes is hampered in a crisis, much list write out a clear plan when in panic mode. So there is references already there for you.

So as we look to preventing pilot and person and equipment failure… we may already know where we wish to go on this journey. That is out Internal Navigation System (INS) and hereafter known and discussed as our Nav system. These are the brains of the plane as they will help guide us to the destination that WE select. This is the first issue and opportunity in spirituality and conceptualization. That being that we have a chance and a choice, plus a conscious opportunity to enter into our mental Nav system where we want to go. What is the end destination that we hope to achieve? There are 2 planes of sight (2 and 3 dimensional) on the visible earth… that is Life and Death. Life is programmed in and Death is a long way on the horizon. However, depending on the flight, that final destination may only become a way point, whether it be called after-life, Heaven, reincarnation, samsara, Elysium Fields, Valhalla, Olam Haba or She’ol to name a few. Across mankind and thousands of years there has been that opportunity of discussion.

But for the here and now flight path that we program into the Nav system? Do you want an intercontinental flight and deadhead across the Atlantic or Pacific or even across the great countries of Europe or North or South America? Most people do seem to want that. Circumnavigate the globe with just a few stops to prevent a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and get it done as soon as possible! The only time otherwise that touch downs happen are in times of emergency (which hopefully you have with due diligence prepared that contingency plan!) Now if we were to look at a life like that, there are a few milestones (births, deaths, jobs) and many turbulent situations and full crisis that occur (financial, health, situational) along the Nav Path of the Life. Any of these will force the plane to land and refocus. The rest of the time though, the headphones are one, watching a movie and lulled to pacification by the good and wonderful food and diversions for which you are being fed. The worst part is because the Nav path is locked in so far in advance, there are so few course corrections, and most only happen in these emergency situations.

Here is a different concept my gentle readers… and that is to consider small steps along the path, charting our way across new adventures and stopping at several places of call and explore and feel and live the culture of the moment and embrace the people there. Not to see them as different, but to assimilate through osmosis some of the learnings and teachings and mayhaps impact some of your own along the way? That we can learn in a gradual way, not unlike placing small stones across the river that allow us to traverse safely and through an embraced and shared learnings. Sure, seems like more work and may very well be. I cant say that I circumnavigated the globe x amount of times by doing it this way, but the life that I can live is potentially richer. That there is less chance of a catastrophic crash and along the way be able on these short Nav trips to learn and see more. Certainly it isnt as fast or fly as high, but I believe and observe that it allows one to actually fly higher and more intensely with the gifts and bounty of life there to be explored. And you know what? Its just fast enough.

Help me help you place the stones to traverse the waterways with the internal gifts and nav systems that we have and have been given. Theres also a sense of wonderment and potential joy to it for along the way you can be yourself, often.

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