The Sound of Silence

Greetings my very gentle readers to this week installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” Blog. This is the time in the week when we can step back and reflect on the myriad of positives and negatives that have transpired across the past seven days. A time when we can give silent thanks for the opportunities that have arose, both good and bad.

For as we all know, everything is an opportunity and alluded to before, it is what we do with these observations and feelings and how they are interconnected. We have the blessing of the Free Will Covenant so items that occur if we pass judgement on them that they are negative, WILL be negative. In fact, in my observations and experiences, that almost always will come to be. It as if our conscious and subconscious put an energy onto our thoughts which then are imparted to whatever the even that transpired was. That will then translate through into become realities… and as if we had wished it (which we did) it becomes truth. And not only that, there is a separate gift with purchase that translates through and in a negative perception will be guaranteed to add that little extra suck factor to the next event. Lets call it scribbling all over the paper with a black marker.

Sometimes my friends, the road less travelled is the one that is of the most reward. Although it may not be in our immediate best interests, if we can step back and reflect and strategize potential wins, then we shall approach the challenge ahead with relish and excitement. Seems to hold true as there are many positives in peoples’ lives and they all look like they have the suck factor squared (or to the power of four) and those who seem to have a lemon handed to them are able to somehow find some salt and a bottle of tequila. Ole!

And how do we find the salt and tequila in life? Quiet reflections and the sound of silence. To listen to the moment and be able to reflect. To give quiet thanks and blessings with the knowledge that this is exactly what it is meant to be. That the next steps in collaboration are moving forward and advancing. To sometimes not take this so darn seriously and step back and reflect and look at this with the eyes of a child who can create magic out of nothing. A piece of wood can become a truck, car or building. I flashlight can become the sun and the vitality and clarity of those details are exactly perfect!

Step back, breathe deeply in and out and there is thanks in that my friends. That in that period of silence we can feel and hear and see the winds around us and the invible lines and shadows may just show themselves to proceed to the next steps and open the next doors. The door opens to those that quietly reflect, watch and imagine that there even is a door there.

And then you open that door of mysticism and blessings and beauty and wide eyed perception of the young and once again you can become and be yourself, often.

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