The Sounds of Emptiness

Greetings my gentle readers to another week that was and will be yet again and the “Be Yourself, Often” Blog. A time when we can reflect on the actions and challenges and opportunities of the week and filter them through the contributions, good and bad that we have imprinted upon the event. Reflection and meditation with quietness and goodness on the positivity that can extend from any, absolutely any encounter that will and has transpired. My new book, “The Peacock on Viagra” available at offers reflections and further meditative statements from the period of 2009-2012.

One of the things that have kept coming back over the past 2 months to me and in finalizing the book is the expression “No life is done until all the lives that have been touched are done”. There is much that we are able to offer in simply how we do things and what others see of us. I have stated over and over again that our Beliefs define our thoughts, which will define our actions, which will ultimately define our outcomes. There are also past energies and karmic reflection at play here which are fourth dimension that we can conceptualize, but never really touch.

And touch is such a valued sacrament my friend. Not just the physical sense, but also all of our senses are touched by the actions of people and we inherently filter those through our own genetics, nature, nurture and experiences. Thus there can be no two people that see exactly the same thing. To take the time and listen to inspiration or what people have to say is incredible on many levels. Our hearts, ears, souls can be touched, if we allow by individuals that inspire us. For we all have the blessing and gift of being teachers… whether we know it or not.

When a teacher departs, for whatever reason… there is a sense of emptiness and loss. Often it is a loved one, family, friend or animal. We cry at the emptiness and feel the loss, often because we know that touch (physical, written, spoken, seen) will never be encountered again in this lifespan. There is a large sound of silence that can only be labeled akin to being on the end of a phone receiver, but the connection is gone. There is no sound emptier than a dead line.

Reflections of the loss of that connection through death or other actions should give us pause. So many say that in times when the end is near, that family pulls together and this is true. That there is an unconditional love that extends for a short time as we look at that black implacable wall of nothingness. And then we feel the shock wave hit us… the connection is gone. Phone lines down, not even an operator standing by.

Yet it is because we love that that memory and the touch resonates still within us and we can reflect on the time when the person, pet or loved one was there and we can be at ease and almost feel their touch upon us again. For as we move forward, they live on in us through the actions, gifts and touches they have taught us and imparted on us.

Thank you to all those brave souls who give, offer and have passed on… yet are still with us. It is reflections like these in the moments of a dead line that remind you to embrace everything up front and it is not about money or an infusion of cash… that will not save us in the end. We can replace all the stuff in the world, but not that gentle touch and kind heart and often we have guilt as survivors for what could have been.

Maybe, just maybe we can learn in our periods of loss, remove the ego from the equation and want and embrace and feel and especially appreciate the small things and gifts. For I believe my gentle readers, that if we can learn to love the small things and the touch of others, they will help us to help us which will then help others and truly in a sense of purity and Light to be yourself, often.

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