The Stone Suitcase: A Time of Reflective Thanks

Greetings my gentle readers to this week’s installment (albeit a wee bit late) of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. That wonderful point in the week and a chance to start the week fresh and when we can sit back with the weeds in the wheat and look to the shafts reaching up the sky that we are becoming. A time to reflect on the days done and the road of days that stretch ahead and never will be exactly the same again. The time of laughter, tears, miracles in the moments and challenges and successes intertwined in the tapestry of a life.

These are days of reflective thanks. Although the US has recently completed their Thanksgiving Day and the subsequent chaos that was Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday, there is still a chance to give thanks. In fact, let us go one step backwards and forwards, all in one felled swoop and give thanks today. For indeed, isnt any day potentially Thanksgiving Day? I alluded to this back in October, but why wait?

I believe the American model is one that allows us the reflective filter between two dichotomies to ascertain the insanity of the world even clearer. Seeing some of the news clips (while recognizing the inherent bias of the media) of the DAY OF SALES and the pushing and shoving makes one ponder. Also, the Native community has a plaque in Plymouth that states Thanksgiving in the USA to be a Day of Mourning. Again, such a dichotomous outcome within a 24hr stretch and span of time. Interesting and factual, with a hint of pathology thrown in, all in one.

But although it is easy to be an armchair clinician and look at the snippets of semi-factualism, there is truth of this dichotomy everywhere, in each and every day. In fact, allow me to go one step further and identify the insanity and challenges regarding the “all about me and my deals that were made for ME” is more common place than lying back in the grass and raising our hands to the golden shafts, feeling the wonderful crisp air and looking to the hues of blue in the sky, interspersed with the white fluffiness we call clouds. And we know from past blogs indeed that a good explanation doesn’t explain everything.

So how to capture the moments. Oh, for the ability to be able to take pictures with our eyes that we can readily retrieve. But in a way, we can… those are called memories and the film that we use is lodged in our brain and there are many ways that film gets clouded and fuzzy sadly. The most common ways are not being at one with the moment. There are many clinical ways and diseases that fog the film, but if our lens is flawed and the reflective mirror doesn’t portray a crisp picture onto the film, then the picture we take with our eyes does not resonate. And the “isms” of life tend to cloud that vision…. Mainly narcissism and consumerism… a deadly combination for clear and crisp pictures when combined together. We saw the impact on Friday and in fact, see it every day.

If you want a clear and crisp picture, one needs to polish the lens and be at one with the situation to capture a clean shot that is logged away in the picture album of our mind. That produces memories that will stay long term and may be retrieved with a smile whenever one wishes. The laughter, stories, events, sights, sounds, scents and tastes are all collected on this wonderful film of the mind.

So sad that we cant collect that, isnt it? Yet we can through mindfulness, reflection and gentle exercises that allow one to be more proficient at being here in the now. Realizing that exactly what we have and possess is exactly what we are meant to be and even better that this situation is a class and chance to evolve. For really, that is our choice. To remain static, evolve or devolve.

Doing more with less and being at one with the moment and the senses, perhaps in a way that is counter to the “norm” will titillate the senses and sharpen the hues of the picture. Sort of like being a healing child again. And to be that, touch that, smell that and embrace that is to be yourself, often.

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