The Third Sunday of Advent

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Greetings again my gentle readrs to this weeks installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. A time for peace, patience and silence reflection of the week past. A time to appreciate and look to the positives of the week to recharge the emotional and psychiatric batteries to prevent the dise-eases that lead to diseases. A time for “Prescribing Spritual HOPE

Why select the third Sunday of Advent as a topic to discuss, as this is designed to be motivational, reflective and help the reader look to the small positives in the great field of life and look to become a blade of wheat that extends above the torrid weeds that threaten to choke us out? Before I answer that question… what is so critical about being a piece of wheat? It nourishes and many stalks together create bountiful bread, often used in sacraments and also even more importantly is that the wheat needs soil, dirt, moisture, light, sun, wind and energy to create and foster more energy. That the blades must rise above the oppressive weeds that choke us out on a regular basis. They are the BMW class of people, J Class. Biatchy, Moany and Whiny- Jealousy. So my friends if you and I meet personally and I describe something as a J-Class BMW, y’all will know what I mean. Those people are not who I consider to be friends, but I feel sorry for them in their weed chocked existence of human kind. Looks really pretty with such a glorious presentation and drag in the unwary, but are the Datura stramonium of life once their BMW-JClass existence comes in. If anyone wonders. that is Jimson weed…aptly in labelled stinkweed. Ouch… burn baby. All parts of the plant are poisonous, causing abnormal thirst, vision distortions, delirium, incoherence, coma. Often fatal. Crap. You play into that one and its seeya dont write baby… don’t write and its a brutal trip. Sadly the plant and you are both DRT….. Dead Right There.

OK…enough about toxic stinkweeds, and Jimson weed too. Lets talk about the concepts of advent, this almost the third Sunday (and it already is to my Aussie and Kiwi friends). This is such a wonderful and joyous time to reflect on anointment and rejoicing. For there is so very much to be appreciative of, is there not? That we are even able to read this is I hope a miracle and a positive. That one can read, see, touch and feel is a miracle. That we love and can be loved. That we can speak and communicate and know that we have gifts and plenty beyond our expectation. It is about changing our thought process from one of entitlement, to one of looking ahead with the eyes of a child to the myriad of gifts that we may be graced with. The gifts are already there, not from Walmart or any other -Mart, mall or store. Look to these gifts I believe is what creates contentment and the positives in the moment. It may be what your neighbour has, or be the status quo or this years model. But DOES IT MATTER? At the end of the day, are you purely sampling the stinkweed and loving the psychotic atropine-like psychosis? Tripping the line fantastic and being Alice going down the rabbit hole? May I be blunt? Yes. End result…. DRT.

So my friends, open the eyes that you have been given and rejoice that we are here, alive and the miracles that abound. I know that we can change the world and believe that we can. The way? Through Belief, with hope and faith and a healthy dose of looking and being like a child on Christmas morning. But the gifts are the anotintment and let us rejoice in the days and the gifts.

For when the toxic efefcts and psychotic delusions of the stinkweed are gone, the eyes reopened and the detoxification finished… you may appreciate the moment, beauty and wonder in the moments of mindfulness. And to look in the eyes of another having undergone the same, is to be able to realize that you have and did and can be yourself, often.

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