What really is important? Seriously?

Greetings my gentle readers for another weekly installment of the Be Yourself, Often Blog. This is the 25th month now with our weekly postings! This week has been one of seeing many angles of humanity and kindness and the polar opposites. A week that leaves one wondering some serious root cause analysis and “why, why, why, why and why?” A week of tears of joy and lernings from the patients have outweighed what we have been able to put forward. A week of seeing light bulbs click on and fascinating discussions with many people. A week of respecting and learning…always learning. A week of meeting new people and learning new facets of others. People have been the cornerstone of this week and the incredible experiences obtained. Renewal of old and planning ahead to new.

Just a reminder to please my friends feel free to share the blog link with others at http://www.joelwlamoure.com/id43.html  as the goal is to create a positive ripple of positivity and humanity and let people read and reflect on the writings and perhaps, just perhaps have the mental fortitude to turn the mirror on themselves.

When we look at the days and the weeks, when we need to look at what we would take away in a crisis, what would that be? If there was a natural or civil disaster? What would you take away? This operates on the premise of your life, so your life, health and well being must be important. Interestingly, not the ego… but this is the root core of survival and id here…. not the ego orsuper-ego. This being we self-identify (and label) as “me” and “I” is purely a collection of memories, stores, or ideas locked away in that incredible brain we have that only ticks along at 2-5% of capacity. Oh neuroplasticity…. but thats a discussion for another week! But we self identify. Remember the Zen statements thats state “A good explanation doesnt explain everything”…. and “the finger pointing at the moon is not the moon”. Build some neuroplasticity and try to identify who you are… see what I mean?

What else is important? Most will start listing things to save in a crisis. Most things I believe are replacable except living, breathing creatures and the memories in your mind. These are the items thus to treasure and value. People with no GDP, work etc in poverty actually when all are in poverty have 25x less overall mental health disorders. Like the story of the man that lost his cows and despondent. What really is important? The memories, the experiences and how we conduct ourselves. That is the fourth thing. Conduct and the wheels of samsara say much.

To recap… Llife is important, family/friends and our life, memories (past and in process) and conduct. Funny that THESE should identify who we are, not the replaceable things. Maybe we have it wrong? Im positive that we can be more ositive by a healthy done of intelligent concern to others. Big time.

Off to make some new friends, recap with old ones and make some memories while remembering the beauty of what is around me. Relish the sounds and scents and tastes and people and appreciate the goodness in life that exists everyday. Going to live the dream, as I do every week and “livin it, lovin it” to be the motto and catchphrase! Make memories…. as we do and should do each and every minute, day and week… which is so much more easy is grounded in mindfulness. Maybe, just maybe along the way and through the journey, love and be myself, often.

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