Who Is Driving on this Trip?

Greetings my gentle readers to another week’s installment of the “Be Yourself, Often” blog. This is the time of the week where we can step back, and curl up with a favorite warm beverage and/or or a loved one/animal (or both!) and breathe a sigh of gratitude. A time when we can stop and look at the fingerprint that we imparted on the world, not often realizing the chaos theory and the subsequent ripples outward that our actions will have.

What we do, how we do it in the intent with which it is done often extend far beyond the act itself. Too often, we think about things as throwaway gestures, if we even think about them. However, even worse, we don’t even spare a thought about what we do, what we say or the intent at that point in time. To me, that would indicate that what we do is either running on our subconscious or we do not even think regarding our actions. Ouch. I prefer to believe it is the former.

However, if our subconscious is driving our decisions in a direct linkage with Higher powers, it would serve us well to occasionally take stock of what we are doing and the outcomes it is having on our self and others. Albert Einstein stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. It is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and as such the only actions that normally track our valuable time are those that are negative in nature. But how often, does the person or party that is causing the negative outcome your self?

To illustrate this further, how often in a discussion will somebody make a comment about dealing with a jerk? That individual who is “the jerk “ is never the person standing in front of you telling their sad and tragic story. They are never, EVER the ones telling the story. Funny, eh?

Too often, we hear the first world wines of people that portray themselves as tragic victims, and often they do not know or have a clue regarding true victimization, truly being second- or third-class citizens. They do not have the ability, or insight to realize exactly the amount the impact, pathos (root of pathetic) and tragedy that they have imparted into the situation. Because everything has run on subconscious, and it has been a throwaway gesture, then it is not their fault. It is an unfortunate and scary state of affairs in today’s society to realize how few people take responsibility for their own actions. It is always “the jerk” that has caused the problem.

Too often in life, it is not about absolutes. In fact, that is a positive fact that we are so intertwined that together adds there is neither good nor evil, black or white existing in isolation on earth. Almost 100% of everything is a shade of gray. Certainly, there are exceptions at the opposite spectrums, but these are more usually associated with “beyond the earth” concepts. There is God, the embodiment of good, and Satan who represents the embodiment of negative from a biblical perspective. And if we were to consider this from a perspective of light, black is thought to be the absence of any light and white is thought to be radiant and positive light. Small changes in semiotics however change that outlook when we think about it from a perspective of colors.

Dark is color to its highest degree of intensity. It is all the colors scribbled together and dark. White is pure and absence of color, yet we KNOW not devoid of color as we assign the arbitrary word “white” to this color.

As we look at all of these factors from the perspective of the impact of what we do, then we must understand what drives our subconscious. In the same sort of way as we assign a word to a color, that word does not describe every aspect of a color. There are associations that we have assigned as a society to a color, right? White is pure and black is evil. It is all black and white. Seriously?

Does our subconscious do the same? I believe so. If we are not aware of the associations that we hold then we are not able to make a true evidence-informed decision. And to touch the concepts of evidence for living is to be able to understand ourselves and others and our role in the acts and actions that are performed in such a casual, indeed throwaway gesture driven society. Would you not rather know what sort of associations you carry? Are they positive or negative? Only you know. And is a combination of your past, history, genetics and experiences And to know your subconscious is to then be able to touch your belief structure, as well as understand the decisions that you make. At this point, you are able to know the root energy that is placed into the actions that you conduct.

At this point you will start to understand karmic energies moving ahead and truly be able to touch and be yourself, often.

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