2005 Cadillac CTS

As new the 2005 Cadillac CTS was a touch under $40,000 at $37,800 as the base model. For this you got the usual refinements, such as air conditioning, cruise control, power locks, remote keyless entry, power windows, steering and mirrors, eight way adjustable power drivers seat and sunroof. This is packed into a outer design that is angular and yet sleek looking. Powered by a 2.8L 210 brake horse power, the rear wheel drive CTS is a quiet ride with it’s suspension soaking up all but the largest bumps.

Inside, road visibility is good and all controls are easily to hand. A small glove compartment does limit the amount of maps and other items carried. The air conditioning is dual zone and precise to half a degree. One of the cooler options is the ability to change from miles to kilometers, as so to adapt to where you are driving.

The CTS we tested as decked out in leather that was smooth to touch but would warm up quickly in direct sunlight. The opposite won’t be an issue in winter thanks to the front seat heaters. Five adults can travel in comfort and even a tall driver will have plenty of room.

The 2.8L engine, clothed in a heavy duty plastic cover, doesn’t lack for power but doesn’t sound angry until between the 5000 and 6000 rev range. A heavy foot induces tire smoke, even with the 5 speed automatic transmission. Due to the engine size fuel consumption is 13.6 (L/100 km) in the city and 8.0 (L/100 km) on the highway. You’ll need 66.3 liters to fill the CTS from empty.

With Cadillac trying to lower the average age of their drivers, the looks of the CTS is a big step forward. While putting them in the same segment as BMW and Mercedes, the CTS is still slightly behind in both performance and quality, the former resolved with the larger 3.6L engine.

It is good to remember that the Cadillac CTS model is only two years old and promises to evolve and improve with each new generation. As is, the 2005 CTS is an enjoyable car to drive that leaves the driver with the feeling that they have been driving a more expensive and a more menacing car. Batman would use this as his daily driver while the Batmobile is in the shop.

The opinions from a 7 yr old

I like the Cadillac because it’s a four seater. The Cadillac is indeed comfortable. I like that the rear windows don’t go all the way down. When I look at the car, I think we could decorate it like a super car, adding a spoiler, and super suspension and all that stuff. I think it’s fast but we might need to put in a bigger engine. I wish we could paint the wheels red and print the Canadian flag on the hood. The car is not loud. I really like the leather seats because they are the same colour as the Cadillac.

The wheels are 16 inches. I like the way that the lights are placed. We should get a chrome grill. When I first saw the car I thought it would be annoying because I didn’t like Cadillacs, but now I like Cadillacs apart from the De Ville. If we had a cool wall, the CTS would be in the Cool section.