Running with the BIG DOG!

Gourmet hot dogs? Sounds strange but it actually works.


Our Family went to THE BIG DOG DINER on Friday of last week. Located just on the eastern edge of St.Thomas at 43743 Talbot Line (519-631-3644)

Having never been there we weren’t too sure to expect, but I will let you into a little secret hot dogs are readily available on the menu. The associate at the counter was very accommodating listening to a mom and dad trying decipher their children’s requests all the while explaining the size and quantities of the item available.

We started naming off things, kid’s meal, chili dog, Fries, Frings, Onion Rings, Big dog , and a fancy smancy dog that name escapes me, but it had mayo, avocado, lettuce, tomato and I can’t remember what else but when it arrived, it certainly was spectacular. All washed down with our favourite can of pop!

The bill was quite sizable for grabbing a quick lunch on the go. It was over $40 for a family of 4 for hot dogs and fries etc, but once the food arrived we knew why! We had completely over ordered. The big dog is huge…very huge, as are the regular dogs. They are made from 100% corn fed Ontario beef which is good for so many reasons!  The onion rings could be worn as bracelets they are so big and what makes them even more great is that they are hand dipped in batter rather than some crumbly topping.

The decor is typical of a 50’s or 60’s diner with old coke memorabilia and red and white checkered gingham accents. The diner was clean and friendly and is probably just what you would expect when your hear the name Big Dog Diner.

It is definitely worth a try for a special treat or something different from the everyday or just to grab a great hot dog while you are out running your errands.

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  1. I agree with Julie’s remarks about Big Dog diner, went there today for lunch, and it was gone ?
    Anybody have any idea what happened to it Did they move or just close up shop ?

  2. I heard earlier this week that they were closing up shop. St.Thomas has lost a few establishments in the last couple of months. Longhorns, Station Master, The White Heart (formerly the Midtown), The Manx Arms and also the Big Dog Diner. Shopping Local, and Dining Local has never been more important to our community.