Beware of bogus Windows support calls

I just got off the phone with a gentleman who claimed to be calling about my ‘genuine windows software’ on my computer. He said that it was getting bad things downloaded to it and their ‘central server’ had notified them of this and thus he was calling to help resolve it. It sounds as if it is a call centre in India and the gentleman was reading from a script.

Being my annoying self, I questioned him on what version of windows I had, since his magical system knew that I was downloading malware and bad things, surely it would tell him the version! XP? Vista? 3.1? 7? All he did was continue with the script reading. A previous time I received such a call after I found where to buy and download Microsoft Office for Mac, I said I used Linux and I didn’t get a ‘goodbye’ before they hung up on me.

If this call happens to you, don’t go to your computer or type anything in that they claim will help you. It is a scam! If your windows really did have a problem, surely it would notify the user (YOU) before it sent it to a call centre in India?  If you think clearly for a moment, you realise how ridiculous this is. I do appreciate that not everyone is tech savvy but as Microsoft themselves post on their website, the only way they would call you is with a call centre ticket number for a registered issue.

For more information you can visit:

Microsoft (Newspaper)


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