More annoying computer phone call scams

In May we mentioned a scam that occurring where someone (in India) would call, claiming to be from Windows Support and tell the owner that their computer had a virus and directing them to go to their computer and to follow the callers instructions. It was a not so cunning plan to get you to open up your computer to outside malware.

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Well, it is happening again, we have already had three phone callers (caller id says Unknown Caller which is a good tip off) and rather than mentioning Microsoft, they say they are calling from a repair center. Again, this is a complete con, being run in order to have your let persons unknown from who knows where gain control of your computer.

They appear to be targeting only computers running Windows, so your smug Apple users can rest easy.

If your computer does not notify you of a problem, a unknown call center in India is not going to know of a problem. You should have an anti virus program and a firewall. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 or XP, you can run the Windows Firewall and visit the Microsoft website to download their Security Essentials. It is FREE, no need to pay and if you find a website that is asking for payment for this software, ignore that website.

Here is the link for target=”_blank”>Microsoft Security Essentials and as mentioned it is free, although you do have to be running an official windows install and not a pirated version.

As computers and technology evolve, most people can’t and don’t keep up with the latest developments and therefore can be confused by the latest bells and whistles that computers come with. If you are worried about something like this, please don’t do as these callers ask, rather email us, either from the contact form on the front page of the blog or directly to me at

We don’t want you falling for something that is designed to pray on your acceptation that ‘tech’ people always knows best.

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