TSN-Kraft Celebration tour 2010


I love Jay Onrait, OK there I have said it. And for as many years as the TSN Kraft Celbration tour has been happening I have entered St.T to be one of the locations they pick to shoot the show. Sure $25,000 for the community would be great, but anyone who knows me would know I am all about the hoopla!

But its not about me any more and this year I have entered once again.I think its about time to think about our “Memorial Arena” and giving her a facelift which she so richly deserves.

Please Show your support and get some good vibes sent towards our amazing community…Who knows maybe Joe Thornton will be able to bring the cup here in time to be on the show!!!

Check out the entry here http://www.kraftcelebrationtour.ca/nominations/detail/176/

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