Bald Eagles in Elgin County

They’re back. I can tell by the line of cars parked along the busy country road. If there are several vehicles parked, but spaced out along the road, there may be one or two big, long cameras pointing out a car window. If there is a cluster of cars parked together, the inhabitants of those cars have emerged and can be seen congregated, and chatting, with their heads turned to the north and their faces angled upwards. Chances are that there is a beautiful bald eagle in the forest, sitting in a massive nest near the tree top. The nest is a bit obscured by all the branches, and one needs to focus to see that distinctive, white head.  If the roadsters are lucky, they will clearly see the other eagle perched on a favoured branch, at the very outside edge of the forest –  a site chosen no doubt to give it clear view of the gawkers at the roadside.  This is the third year that they are have used that nest, a nest that must have been so carefully and skilfully constructed.  The first year, as I was driving to work, I was so surprised to catch sight of such a huge clump of sticks at the top of the forest. Could it really weigh 2000 lbs? How strong can those supporting tree limbs at the tree top be? Imagine sitting up there – the view, the gentle swaying, the frog chorus at night, and being so much closer to the stars.

There are a few sightings of bald eagle nests throughout Elgin County. This site is on Ron McNeil Line, just west of Wellington Road, in the forest on the north side, not far from my home. Soon, the leaves will be unfurled, the view of the nest will be obscured, and the line of cars will disappear. I will still be looking to sky everyday though as I drive by the forest, always hoping to catch a glimpse of a magnificent bird, gliding ever so gracefully into the forest.

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  1. Karen Lenz

    I swore I saw an eagle a few weeks ago, convinced my self that there was no way, and yet I live really really close to this area, & the nest so maybe it was one after all!

  2. Steven C. Shearer

    I’m a logger and I will tell u there r lots of bald eagles around and I even saw one flying arnd the gullys in st thomas they r makin a come back

  3. Shawn Richard Beaumont

    Bald eagles have nests all over southern Ontario

  4. Michelle Robertson

    Saw one on Wellington rd near Ron McNeil

  5. We live out on Nova Scotia line and we have eagles there! We got pictures last year.

  6. Cynthia Jones

    I bird watch at several bald eagle nests. The closest to my home is less than 2 km and I know they had eggs in their nest. I do not have proof yet that the eaglets hatched and survived

  7. Justin Vaughan

    I see one every Thursday in Union. Bostwick Rd an oak view cres.

  8. Ricardo Marrone

    Every year for 20 years I’d find a nest at the disc golf coarse and the eagle would feed by the train trestle

  9. Frank Contardo

    How about adding “Stay in your vehicles” to this article now that you’ve exposed the location to everyone. Not good for the birds…

  10. Ive got some good pics and videos of a Bald Eagle and her babies in their nest on the Elgin Hiking Trail!! If you go out on John Wise Line by the Southwold sign, you will see them soaring quite often!!

  11. Clarence Natureloving Earthpeace

    I got pretty good video of one in her nest during my hike on the Elgin Hiking Trail.

  12. You guys need to remove the location. Sure its cool and whatever but the eagles are nesting and we need to protect them. Society needs to move as slow as its slowest person, one of those people will undoubtably see this and end up disturbing the nest causing them to abandon their babies. If you have any further need to discuss feel free to msg me on Facebook but I feel my point is fairly clear.

    Jack H. Southworth

  13. It is irresponsible to post active nests, please google this and take down this post . We should care more about protecting them than sensational izing. Please!

  14. Jim Kingston

    I have seen Eagles in town this week. They are definitely making a come back

  15. So be it st.thomas library if you want to ignore our comments to remove I’ll come in personally.