I don’t know what the title is, but the cover is yellow…

The Reader’s Advisory Committee has put together a new display at St. Thomas Public Library. It’s a simple colour-based theme centred on a problem library staff usually face. The display is titled:

I don’t know what the title is, but the cover is yellow!

We can’t take all of the credit on this one. We borrowed the idea from London Public Library. (Thanks you LPL!) Staff were a little surprised at just how many yellow covered books are in the library – and howwidely varied the subjects are! We’ve included yellow books from general fiction, romance, mystery, suspense, and large print. There really is something for everyone on this display! (Unless you don’t like yellow. In which case, check back in a few weeks. We will feature another colour later.)

As always, customer feedback bookmarks are included in each book. (Extras located at the main level circulation desk.) We want to hear what you thought about your yellow book: was it “Mellow Yellow” or does it merit a caution? A draw box is located on the main level check-in desk for completed bookmarks. At the end of each month, the library draws one random feedback bookmark and the winner receives a library prize pack!

So visit the library, check out a yellow book, let us know what you think, and enter to win a prize!

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