Say hello to Flat Stanley

TPL’s New Character-in-Residence

St Thomas Public Library is pleased to officially welcome Flat Stanley as our first Character-in-Residence. He has completed his probationary period with flying colours and is now available to accompany library customers on their vacations. He is especially partial to warm, exotic destinations. To book Stanley for your upcoming trip, contact Ruth via email at or visit Rosemarie at the library in the Children’s & Teens’ Department. Recently, Stan chatted with us about how he happened upon our magnificently-revitalized library, his day-to-day activities, and plans for the summer.

St. Thomas Public Library welcomes our first Character-in-Residence Flat Stanley

STPL: How did you end up at the St Thomas Public Library?

FS: That is a not-so-funny story. Actually, I had planned a trip to St Thomas in the Virgin Islands in February. I usually sleep through my travels. When I opened my eyes to naked trees and snow, I knew something had gone terribly wrong.

STPL: Oh dear. Your travel agent really messed up. Did you know St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is about 3200 kilometers south of us?

FS: Now, I know. And I can’t blame anyone but myself. Being flat allows me to travel by airmail envelope. However, my penmanship is atrocious and I baffled postal workers in two countries and was delivered to this library and not the one in St Thomas in the Caribbean.

STPL: That explains your arrival. Why did you stay?

FS: Good question. Once the very kind library staff found out about my plight they felt sorry for me. It was a good thing too as I developed a nasty cold from my travels. In the dead of winter they found watermelons, pineapples and mangoes and whipped up an out-of-this-world tropical fruit salad for me. They cranked up the heat at night and once I had recovered, they allowed me to wear my Caribbean wardrobe of flip flops and shorts. Then I received a job offer I could not refuse as the library’s very first Character-in-Residence.

STPL: Congratulations to you, Stanley. Can you explain a little about what you’ll be doing this summer here at the library?

FS: Well, next month will be busy with appearances at events like the Teddy Bear Picnic at Pinafore Park on June 12. I’ll be sitting in on the Pokémon Club some Monday afternoons till it finishes for the summer. I expect to travel with library patrons for much of July and August. Of course, it is in my contract that I will drop all in-house commitments if a customer requests me as a travel companion. Unless, someone figures out how to clone me. Good luck with that.

STPL: Sounds like you’ll be super busy, Stanley. When you’re not working, how do you spend your time at the library?

FS: I have a lovely suite in the library’s staff lounge with a gorgeous view. And the staff continues to provide me with delicious homemade food. Well, I assume it’s for me… they leave it on my dining-room table. Now that it is finally warmer, I enjoy hanging out in the library’s garden. I’ve requested a swimming pool but we’re not sure if that’s in the budget. And I’ve been browsing the stacks and rereading all my favourites.

STPL: And your favourites are?

FS: I hope you don’t find me conceited but I really do prefer my own books.

STPL: That seems only natural. And, one last question today, do you have any travel commitments for the near future?

FS: Well, I’m not sure if it’s confirmed, but I’ve heard that I’m going to The Bahamas.

STPL: Thank you, Flat Stanley, for your time. We’ll do this again. For now, safe travels. Will you remember to take your camera and have your host family snap loads of photos of you in action?

FS: Most definitely.


To borrow Flat Stanley for your upcoming trip, contact Flat Stanley’s booking agents, Marketing Coordinator Ruth Crocker, at or Rosemarie in the Children’s & Teens’ Department on the lower level of the library. We’re looking to keep a travel log of Flat Stanley’s journeys on this blog, on the library’sPinterest boards, and on Facebook. We encourage St. Thomas Public Library customers to borrow Flat Stanley, write a brief story about where you went and what you did, and send us photos. We’ll post them and share them with the world!

Need more incentive? Every three months we’ll hold a draw for everyone who has taken Flat Stanley along with them on a trip. The winner will receive a library prize pack!

Trips with Flat Stanley don’t have to be far – they can take place in your own backyard, around St. Thomas, day trips around Elgin County, or anywhere you happen to be going! Flat Stanley loves to travel and he doesn’t take up much space at all, making packing a breeze! (Speaking of breezes, keep hold of him – he tends to blow away when not supervised.)

Contact St. Thomas Public Library today to book Flat Stanley for your next trip. His calendar is filling up!

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