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Finish what you started

Here at the St. Thomas Blog, we spend hours searching through the internet to find content as well as potential contributors. A simple search such as ‘St. Thomas Ontario Blog‘ will find thousands of websites, only the majority of them have not had anything written for over a year. There …

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Concert Review – Bonfire/Leather Snake

Ah the sight of spandex, leopard print and hair sprayed hair, it’s like the 80′s had never left st Thomas. The night was opened by AC/DC cover band Bonfire and opened well it was too, with many a dancer taking to the front of the stage if not a handy table. The first few opening songs of Leather Snake were interrupted by sound problems, but once resolved, the band brought back the 80s rock scene as if it had always been here. The number of flashbacks I suffered were countless and that was just from the outfits. While to many, the 80s rock scene was rather light in the loafers with more hair bands making it big then true heavy metal, Leather Snake played hits from Maiden, Dio, and Bon Jovi among others. The one thing I did find disturbing was the number of small children and babies in the crowd. Having been to many concerts over the years, I know what it’s like to wake up the morning after a concert and have ringing in the ears. I personally don’t believe that young children and babies should be at a concert with the decibel levels such as last night. [...]

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Book Review – Gorky Park – Martin Cruz Smith

Three bodies, faceless and missing fingertips, are found in Gorky Park, Moscow. A police detective investigates, expecting the KGB to take over the investigation at any moment, and gets drawn into a tangled web of lies, money, and not knowing who to trust. Arkady Renko is a police investigator who, …

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