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ADHD and Money.

You wouldn’t give a pyromaniac a flame thrower and you wouldn’t give a compulsive gambler free credit in Vegas. So why is it that people with ADHD are able to look after money? As I have previously mentioned, both my wife and myself have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which …

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And his heart grew three sizes that day

I have never wanted to ruin Christmas, steal children’s presents, and generally be a meanie. I am not the Grinch. I am an anti-social, grump who prefers the company of books and the internet to real people. I find it easier to relate to inanimate objects than I do to …

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They Mean Well Don’t They?

If you’re a parent then you know who I’m talking about, if you’re a parent of a child with mental illness you definitely know who I’m talking about – the advice givers or more appropriately, the “Givers of Unsolicited Advice” or GUAs for short. You know them, you’ve met them, …

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