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You only sing when you’re winning

From a Catholic secondary school via the Royal Navy to cheering on your home team no matter of tactics or score A couple of months ago, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School in London produced a ‘Lip Dub‘ video that was released onto YouTube. A ‘Lip Dub‘ video is one …

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Tale of a Cat

Poor Amos. Amos has yet to realize that he is now safe. Just look at his pictures. This is a cat who has lived a sad sad life, then ended up in the St. Thomas City pound confined for months in a small steel cubicle. Finally some kind soul lets him out …

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Market 1 Food Industry 0

Submitted by Peter Atkinson Hi All, It turns out that someone on our street works for one of the big food distribution warehouses up in London. Last week I dropped by in the wee small hours to see what it was like. The bottom line is that it made me …

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