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Book review- Vanishing Acts- Jodi Picoult

Delia Hopkins lived in New Hampshire with her daughter Sophie, her best friend and fiancee, Eric, who is an attorney,  her widowed father Andrew, and her lifelong friend, Fritz. She and Eric are engaged, and are both madly in love with their daughter. Her father works in a retirement home, and Fritz is a reporter for the local newspaper. Delia works for Search and Rescue, with her bloodhound, Greta. She begins having random flashbacks of her early childhood that make no sense. She mentions planting a lemon tree with her father, so Fritz did some investigating,  and what turned up was terrifying. The police came and arrested Delia’s father, Andrew, for kidnapping Bethany Matthews 27 years earlier. When Delia asked who Bethany was, her father replied, “You were”. So the story moves to Phoenix, Arizona, where her former life took place. The book tells the story from everyone’s point of view. From Delia dealing with the fact her mother was alive and well, and why her father had to take her away from that house, Eric, defending Delia’s father, and battling alcoholism, to Andrew’s time in prison, and just trying to stay alive, and Fritz’s secret love for Delia, while [...]

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