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How do I Know if I Need to See a Chiropractor?

A recent question I have been asked, seems simple enough, but the answer isn’t black or white. It’s a tough question because so many people see chiropractors for different reasons – the most common reason being pain, of course. Whether it’s due totrauma/injury, simply waking up with pain one day, or an issue …

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Give Blood – Do Good

Growing up, I wanted to be a super hero but I quickly discovered that a 17 yr old boy dressing up as Wonder Woman doesn’t go down well with the family so I abandoned that idea rather quickly. Years passed and suddenly I discovered my own super power. I could …

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Wellington Street Almost Finished! … Or Is It?

As most of you probably know, Wellington Street and Elgin Street have been undergoing construction for quite a long time. If you happened to drive down Elgin Street since Friday, you might have sighed a sigh of relief as you realized the last coat of asphalt has been applied. This surely is a good sign, no? No. Well, sort of.

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