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How do we kill our lawn?

I know this is not the normal request for lawn advice but no one every said life was always normal. I also use the word “lawn” very loosely, in fact looser than than those women your mother always warned you about, that you spent your whole life looking for! Let …

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Death with dignity

I have been very lucky in life, my parents are both still living, even if sometimes they appear to be straight out of a George Romeo movie. I have not lost many people and for that I am thankful. How to handle death is a very personal matter. Some grieve …

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Politics and Signs

I know that if you want to be elected for something, be it class president, city council, or president of the country, you need to get your name out there and on everyone’s lips, but I find the numerous signs that appear whenever there is going to a vote as an eye sore and an annoyance. The bigger the sign, there less chance that I am actually going to care enough to vote for you. Surely if you need to become known to the voting public, you need to be seen, heard, and understood. To me, signs just look like someone is selling a house, rather than selling an idea, a philosophy or a statement. I appreciate that, with voter turnout being low, you need to use every trick in the book, but surely this should be a challenge to politicians to find new ways to become known. The local newspaper, which has a small number of subscribers, is the traditional way, appearing on TV, the same. Why not host discussions on Facebook, or on this website, where people who care, and want St. Thomas to thrive and become a successful city can ask important questions and get answers. All [...]

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