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Unable to land?

This year, the St. Thomas airshow is doing something new, no public parking on site. Instead you can park at parking elsewhere and then ride a bus to and from the air show. There is also a ban on hard sided coolers. Let me break down how the changes may …

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How the other half live…

Do you ever wonder how the other half live? How they feel in the morning, when they get out of bed do they feel happiness, sadness, apathy? When they close their eyes at night, do they struggle to fall asleep, unable to stop their mind from cranking out half baked and one in a while, brilliant ideas? Is it normal to struggle to keep a house tidy but others seem to do it with ease or at least make it appear so. Does everyone have unhealthy thoughts about themselves from time to time? If you don’t talk about things like this, how do you know if you are different from everyone else or just everyone else hides it well? If your opinion of your life is based on your experiences, how can they correct since you have only experienced life as yourself? It’s hard to walk a mile in another mans’ shoes when the shoes are inside their head. How can you know that what you see  other people do is really how they are doing it? If someone always has a clean house, is it because they really enjoy house work, that they have to force themselves to clean [...]

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