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You need a good dressing down

We all like to think that we dress smartly and trendily but let us be honest, there are some of us who perhaps don’t quite measure up. If you spend any time at all on the Internet, you will of at least heard of a website named People of Walmart. …

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Real vs Fake. Which do you prefer?

No it isn’t about that but I do appreciate the way your mind works! To say that money is tight for most people would be an understatement, belts have been tightened ,the economy is struggling to recover, and to top it all, we are trying to pay all the bills …

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Save money when you shop

You have to love the end of the week when the flyers arrive. Just looking at all the good deals is enough to make you go shopping, but isn’t it a pain to have to go to several stores just to get the best prices on various items. What if …

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