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Published On: Thu, Aug 8th, 2013

Sodium in Drinking Water Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System

Sodium in Drinking Water

The Elgin Area Water Supply System, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health and the Middlesex-London Health Unit are advising that recent routine water quality monitoring has detected slightly elevated sodium levels in the water produced by the Elgin Area Water Supply System. For healthy individuals, the sodium concentrations that have been found do not pose a health risk, however provincial legislation requires water system operators to advise local Medical Officers of Health when a sodium sample result exceeds 20 milligrams per litre (20mg/L). Elgin St. Thomas Public Health and the Middlesex-London Health Unit are therefore advising local physicians of the situation. Patients on sodium restricted diets are being made aware so they can consider all potential sources of sodium, including municipal drinking water.

The Elgin Area Water Supply System serves the municipalities of Southwold, Central Elgin, Malahide, and Bayham, as well as the Town of Aylmer, the City of St. Thomas and portions of south London.

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