Do these glasses make me look drunk?

When drinking alcoholic drinks, it is important to know exactly what glass you should expect to be served when ordering various drinks. If you are served a Shirley Temple in a pint glass, the barman or woman probably isn’t that good.

Most often found at Oktoberfest events all over the world! Not related to Ben.


Designed to allow the brandy to be warmed by the hand and swirled while looking serious and pompous


The opposite of the snifter, it is designed to keep the drink cold as the bubbles rise hypnotically


After dinner liqours when drinkers want to appear to be, well cordial


For when you just don’t want to go back to the bar for 1/2 hour. Important, if there are more than 2 straws in the blow, it is meant to be shared!!


The highball is a form of cocktail that is rarely ordered anymore


The perfect glass for drinking while being hold up during a dramatic storm


The perfect vessal to drink Irish coffee out of


A glass for shaken not stirred, or for any other cocktail for that matter


For decades the mason jar has been used for drinking moonshine as drinkers suffer sudden and permanent blindness


Named after another cocktail that is no longer ordered


Since Pilsner is usually found in small bottles, the glass is smaller than a normal beer glass. This should be an indication Pilsner shouldn’t really be drunk


If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain. If you’re not into yoga……..


For drinking beer or ale. True fact, new pint glasses with logos or designs can often be found in people’s home the morning after a night out


For drinking very small drinks


For drinking very small drinks of liqours


To be used when ordered a beer and a shot


Whiskey is served in these glasses


Apparently, wine isn’t supposed to be drunk straight out of the bottle


The yard of ale, which is most often drunk by drunks who think they can drink without vomiting

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