Expert styling tips for women!

Be smart about the use of heat styling tools. Excess and improper use leads to breakage, split ends, and damage to the hair fibre.

Prevent damage by following these tips.

Less is better when it comes to how hot a tool should be. Never start at the maximum temperature, but work your way up from the lowest. The right setting will deliver the right results. High heat will fry, singe, and damage your hair. Always protect your hair with a heat protectant spray/serum before you start! You can get these from a salon or drug store. Just understand the ingredients, maximum protection, and think of it as sunscreen. Invest in high quality tools. You should use ionic and ceramic/tourmaline brushes, irons with temperature control. I suggest Paul Mitchell PROTOOLS. V1 Blow dryer and the smoothing iron v1.25, and their XL Curling wand.

Flat Iron Temperature settings

  • 300 or less is for Thin/Fine/Brittle Hair
  • 300-350 for Normal Hair
  • 350 for Coarse/Thick/Curly Hair

Anything above 350 is TOO HOT!

Be patient. Smooth, don’t pull on your hair. Move the iron slow and steady for 2-3 seconds an area. Don’t go over it again, and again. Once should be enough or you’re doing it wrong. Don’t stop midway . Follow through. And it’s ok to go a little faster near the ends.

Curling Irons

  • Use small thin sections for even heat distribution
  • Use light styling products (nothing heavy)
  • Spritz on a finishing spray to control frizz and keep the curl

Hold the curl until it cools. It will set and keep it’s shape. But if you let go, gravity will take over and pull it down for a wave instead.

Blow drying

  • Use an ionic or tourmaline dryer for even heat distribution.
  • A cool button is a MUST!
  • Use a super absorbent towel and blot dry thoroughly so hair not soaking wet before start to blow dry.
  • Power dry first. Use your fingers to direct the hair. Remove 90% of the hairs moisture before using a brush.
  • Section the hair and use a directional nozzle on the blow dryer or a diffuser for even and direct flow of heat.
  • When beginning to use brushes, use on a lower heat or even a cooler setting and hold it 7 inches away from the hair.
  • Begin at the root and work your way to the tips Always blow the the heat from root to end to smooth the hair. Blowing it from tips to root will cause friss, split ends, and no shine!

Blow drying is less damaging than irons. spend time learning how to use brushes during blow drying to get desired results.

Using a brush

  • Not all brushes were created equally! Use a brush that is ceramic and ionic. Less snag, less frizz, and not a metal one. They remove moisture faster, and reduce the blow drying time.

Best tip of all is to learn to give it a rest. Let your hair dry naturally, and learn to work with it. Seek advice from your stylist.

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