The modern man’s guide to the suit life – part six


A handkerchief is worn in the top front pocket of your jacket suit and are made from either linen, silk or cotton. There are plenty of different styles to insert and wear your handkerchief from the simple ‘stuff’ to the folded, ironed, knife edged handkerchief. It is probably best to start with the simple and move up the progression of complexity as you become more comfortable wearing a handkerchief.

As for colours, white or cream are the true classic colours that should suit every suit. You can also pick a colour that compliments your whole attire by picking out a colour that is a minor colour in your tie. Don’t try to compete with a visually busy tie with an equally busy handkerchief.

And remember what a handkerchief is for. Never be backwards when offering it to a lady in need.


If you want to be noticed, get a hat. Not a baseball cap, a flat cap or a cowboy hat. A real dress hat.

Different faces deserve different hats but never fear, no matter the face, there is a hat.

Some terms to keep in mind:

Crown is the top of the hat.
Taper is how thin the top of the hat is compared to the bottom.
Hat Band is the band of material that goes around the base of the crown.
Brim is the horizontal part of the hat that circles the head.
Tilt is how the hat is worn.

hatsIf you have a long face, you want to look for a hat that is short in height with a moderate taper, a wide hat band with a fairly wide brim, worn to the side and tilted just slightly backwards.

Your face goes from wide at the top down to thin at the chin. Pick a hat with a short to medium crown, one with a moderate taper. Make both the brim and hat band medium in size and again, wear it to the side.

With a small, round face you will want a hat with barely a taper. Keep the height to a medium and make sure that the hat band is narrow. Again, a medium brim pushed back from the face.

A square face requires a non-tapered hat with a medium crown. A hat with a wide brim, worn to the side is perfect.

For someone with a long nose, look for a wide brim that extends past your nose. Make the hat band wide and colourful and with minimum taper, you are ready to go.

Hat colours, from green to brown to grey to blue to black all go with various suit colours. Even combinations you wouldn’t expect can look great. Take the time to find the right colour to compliment the suit and the man wearing it.

With the populatiry of hat wearing slowly coming back, whole generations of hat wearers are learning when and when not to keep their hat on. When outdoors, even if in an indoor public place such as a mall or an airport, keep the hat on. Also in church, at a funeral or when you hear the national anthem.

You should also take your hat off when you meet or are speaking to a woman. It is said that you lower your hat in proportion to the attractiveness of the woman. Stopping at the waist for the most beautiful.

Once inside a building such as an office or home, take it off. Yes, those wearing baseball caps don’t take them off when indoors but you are not wearing a baseball cap. You sir, are wearing a dress hat on top of a perfectly tailored suit which is complimented by your shirt, tie, shoes and handkerchief. And that is why you take your hat off.

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