The year of creepy men with long, blonde hair

Claudio Miranda, Paul NJ Ottosson, Per Hallberg

The recent Oscar Awards night displayed a new and disturbing trend for men of a certain age, an apparent attempt to recapture their youth by growing their hair long. For some, those with dark hair perhaps, it is pretty easily carried off, but there are those, of perhaps Scandinavian descent, who have a head of blonde hair.

Three separate winners all exhibited this unique style. All three are long past their teens and yet all appear to be possibly harkening back to teenage days spent surfing in California.

The author
The author

Now this author is no stranger to long hair, having sported an illustrious mane in his early twenties, but as the years have piled on, the hair has grown shorter until the style could best be described as military-like.

Aging rock stars manage to wear the hair without problem mainly because they have the pedigree of years in the public spotlight, screaming into the microphone, banging their heads and throwing televisions out of hotel windows.

The twin sons of rock ‘n’ roll legend, Ricky Nelson, Matthew and Gunnar, both had long blonde hair as they sang their number one hit, “Love and Affection” but it was in the 1980s and at the height of the hair band rock era, if there ever was one.

In this decade, the look of long blonde hair however has acquired the air of creepiness, the feel of something rather lecherous, perhaps the strange old mane who lives in the broken down house at the end of the road?

It is difficult not to see such men and think of Richard O’Brien as Riff Raff in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or more disturbingly, Karl the terrorist from the original Die Hard!

Riff Raff, Nelson, Karl the terrorist

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