Mama, Will you help me post my blog.

Don’t I have my own account on facebook? Will this go on facebook? Oh I have a Sims account don’t I.


(and so starts the ramblings of The 6 year old mind. I am the mother of this 6 year old and while I am going to help out for the first little while, this blog will contain the often random thoughts of our 6 year old son, Dylan)

I want to tell people about the game I am inventing. Yea! I am going to start out with my own lego one.

(I ask what  you need to do in his lego game)

You have to decide if you picked out a good guy or a bad guy,  you have to see who it is. First I have to practice for my own game.

(Dylan goes to his lego)

First you get a box of minifigures, I have to pick JASSON, and you pick FRAX. Rhys or dad has to pick NASSO which is pretty much a hard name. Is this the rules? How do you like the rules? 

This is also a board game, but it has a really small board.

The grey ones are bad, there are 4 pieces of yellow which are mystery solvers, and see this is the course. This one is the dice 

(he selects a random piece of lego and shakes it like a die and announces he got a 3)

Now I have to pick a vehicle, and a weapon. I have a space ship and your vehicle is going down because mine goes really fast and has cannons. 


(and now his 7 year old brother joins in and the game becomes a lego free for all! In no time I am sure the play will drift away from lego to video games, or wrestling with his brother,but I have to get the boys ready for school… Now he wants me to play and said OH COME ONE WONT YOU TAKE A BREAK FROM THAT…and now the TV is on and the blog is a distant memory for now.)

Welcome to our world.