Trailer Made

I average 10 to 15 trips to the cinema a year. That average will be going up as my two sons start to want to see more movies. Double that for movies watched at home, DVD and Netflix. Those are movies being watched for the first time. There are still movies that I will watch ten times in a year, very few but still some.

While I don’t watch a huge amount of movies, I do watch a lot of trailers. I am a daily visitor to the apple trailer page ( as well as JoBlo for all my up to the minute news ( From mainly these two sources, I watch well over 200 trailers a year, with most new trailers being viewed at least one.

I have found that over the many years of movie watching, I have become pretty good at judging the movie from it’s trailer. I am not always right, usually in a movie that I think will be good and then fails to live up to the trailer. Some trailers should carry a warning on them, just so unsuspecting viewers don’t accidentally click on the trailer for New Year‘s Eve.

So now I will be using my powers for good rather than evil and reviewing the movie, before it is released, based solely on it’s trailer. I will be completely transparent as to my intentions of viewing the movie when it is on the big screen but also honest if the trailer looks like something that cat dragged in.

Lockout ( website (

The plot: presidents daughter trapped on a prison orbiting the earth and the only man who can save her is a wise cracking, falsely convicted agent. Yes, it is Escape from New York but in space. Rather than Snake Plisken you have Snow, instead of the president himself, you have his daughter. That being said, while the idea is not in the slightest original, it looks like a lot of fun. Snow, played by Guy Pearce, is very droll and the expected hard arse. The presidents daughter is played by Maggie Grace, who played pretty much the same character in Taken. Speaking of Taken, the screenplay is co written and produced by Luc Besson who also produced and wrote Taken. Full confession time. Anything that Luc Besson is involved in, I will watch. Lockout is no different, I have been chomping at the bit since I first heard of the movie. Even if it fails to live up to the expectations in my head, it will still be a fun movie to go watch.