What is the name of your business?:


What goods or services do you provide?:

We are two local people who offer useful services for St.Thomas, London and surrounding areas.

Time is precious and no one wants to do the “to do tasks” in their free time.Why not “Put Your Home In Our Hands”.We offer experienced,quality work such as residential painting, wall-paper removal,gardening,furniture refinishing, house cleaning,plus renovation clean ups and horse farm sitting.

Come take a look at our Face Book page…like and share with your friends.We are cahandymanservices.

What got you interested in this particular business?:

Back 3 years ago became unemployed due to down-sizing,so my partner and I decided to strike out on our own and offer these services.We are hard working people and like to work with our hands.

How many years have you been involved in this type of activity (even if you did it before it turned into a business)?:

Three years,but several of the services like painting,gardening we both have done throughout our lives.

Do you have any special qualifications or what do you think helps make you successful at your business?:

We believe being honest,hard working people and having the determination to succeed and to offer quality ,experienced worksmanship at reasonable prices is one of the many keys to success.

Contact Information:

Physical Address of Business (if applicable):

20 Fairview Ave. (unit 2}
Saint Thomas, Ontario

Phone Number (if applicable):

519 719 6664

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