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Christine Belan, Real Estate Sales Representative

What is the name of your business?:

Christine Belan, Real Estate Sales Representative

What goods or services do you provide?:

I am a full service Real Estate Sales Representative

What got you interested in this particular business?:

Just after finishing my degree in Political Science….(ya I know…it was a great idea at the time) I moved to Toronto with my fiancee. While looking for a job I replied to a receptionist position at the head office for a Property Management firm. I got the job, and fell into an alternate universe. Westdale Properties was the hub of many family owned businesses, including the Fabricland Franchise. After leaving Westdale a couple of years later, I maintained my focus on property management working with Homestead Land Holdings. Then along came my first child and I didn’t want to go back to the 9-5 grind. My mother and sister insisted that I would make a fantastic Realtor. After a couple more years, and moving to St. Thomas, I pursued my real estate license and have been working in the field for over 3 years. Serving both London and St. Thomas areas.

How many years have you been involved in this type of activity (even if you did it before it turned into a business)?:

14 years

Do you have any special qualifications or what do you think helps make you successful at your business?:

After successfully completing my courses, I have maintained my license by taking continuing education courses.

Contact Information:

Physical Address of Business (if applicable):

509 Commissioners Rd. W. Unit B100
London, Ontario N6J 1Y5

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Nathan is originally from Cardiff, Wales, and was imported to Canada as a internet mail order groom in 1998 and has managed to avoid deportation ever since. Even though sometimes mis-interpreted, possibly to retaining a Welsh accent, he continues to try his best to make a difference to the community he has grown to love.

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