Top Hat Kids

What is the name of your business?:

Top Hat Kids

What goods or services do you provide?:

Top Hat Kids sends our professional magicians assistants out to your child’s birthday party to turn him/her into the star magician of their own show! With a top hat, a cape and a bit of magic your child will entertain and amaze all their friends. Why hire a magician, when your child can be one!

What got you interested in this particular business?:

Children like to participate way more then they want to just sit and watch. A Top Hat Kids show is very interactive. Our goal is to build self confidence and self esteem in children.

How many years have you been involved in this type of activity (even if you did it before it turned into a business)?:

15 to 16

Do you have any special qualifications or what do you think helps make you successful at your business?:

All of our professional magicians assistant are highly skilled magicians who are very skilled at working with children and teaching/performing magic.

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