Pine Valley Animal Hospital

Pine Valley Animal Hospital

What is the name of your business?:

Pine Valley Animal Hospital

What goods or services do you provide?:

Veterinary medical services and supplies. We emphasize wellness–that’s trying to do everything we can prevent dogs and cats from getting sick in the first place–but we also pride ourselves on working together with clients to help return their pets to health and comfort. We are located at the very south end of London, 20 minutes from St. Thomas.

What got you interested in this particular business?:

I (Dr. Yelen) have a very soft spot for animals in need. I am especially sympathetic to animals that are in shelters, in rescue situations, and who are homeless–every one of these has had bad luck and deserves a break. Owning and running a veterinary practice allows me to make decisions that ultimately benefit these souls.

How many years have you been involved in this type of activity (even if you did it before it turned into a business)?:

15 years

Do you have any special qualifications or what do you think helps make you successful at your business?:

We stress compassion above all else, including profit. Dr. Yelen is a former lawyer; just as he once fought passionately for his legal clients, he now fights for his patients and clients with the same intensity.

Contact Information:

Physical Address of Business (if applicable):

1830 Wharncliffe Rd. S.
Ontario London

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