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Published On: Mon, Mar 11th, 2013

Rainfall Warning for: St. Thomas – Aylmer – Eastern Elgin County

Near 25 mm of rain today and tonight.

A low pressure centre over Lake Michigan is expected to slowly intensify as it tracks toward the Central Great Lakes today. Rain associated with the low is streaming north from the Gulf of Mexico to Southern Ontario. Regions near and just north of Lake Erie are expected to receive the highest rainfall amounts with about 25 mm before the rain tapers to showers overnight. This will meet the winter season rainfall criteria of 25 mm within 24 hours, used when the ground is still frozen.

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- Nathan is originally from Cardiff, Wales, and was imported to Canada as a internet mail order groom in 1998 and has managed to avoid deportation ever since. Even though sometimes mis-interpreted, possibly to retaining a Welsh accent, he continues to try his best to make a difference to the community he has grown to love.

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  1. Rainfall Warning 4: St. Thomas – Aylmer – Eastern Elgin County #TheStThomasBlog