Watershed Condition Statement for Residents of the Catfish Creek Watershed

This is a Flood Outlook, Watershed Conditions Statement

The recent above zero day time temperatures have readied the existing snowpack for certain snow melt. Weather forecasts are calling for warmer weekend temperatures which will further season the snow for additional melt, cooler overnight temperatures will moderate and subsequently mitigate a naturally controlled runoff, which in turn should help with maintaining moderate creek discharges. The present rain forecast (<1mm) is minimal and should be absorbed by the existing snowpack and the impact should be lessened by the cooler night time temperatures.

At this time the likelihood of flooding remains low and would occur in the typical floodplain areas of the Catfish Creek watershed. This is an early assessment that there is a potential for flooding of low-lying flood prone areas along open channels within the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority watersheds.

CCCA will continue to monitor watershed conditions and will issue updates and recommendations as necessary. CCCA always recommends taking any necessary precautions to minimize the results of present and or future spring runoff flood impacts of the Catfish Creek and its tributaries.

The public is encouraged to exercise extreme caution near open bodies of water, and to keep children and pets away from all waterways during adverse flow conditions. Residents are advised to remove property from low-lying areas adjacent to streams, creeks ditches or other open bodies of water.

This Flood Outlook Statement will remain in effect till Monday March 16th or until an update is issued and will then be adjusted accordingly. Residents are asked to closely watch local conditions and take appropriate responsible action. Updates will be made available if or when conditions warrant.

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